Capture your story in a       

    Beautiful Film 

How It  Works

A complete and simple process managed from start to finish.


You have conversations with your Filmmaker about your story, the main points, dates, and events you want to cover. It starts at the beginning; from the day you came into this world. Your Filmmaker will guide you to tell a story that is interesting and compelling for the viewer. Get ready to go through your photo albums and find any special mementos that have significant importance. With this information we create the production brief and are ready for the next stage.


The fun begins when we call Action. With all the information collected in Post-Production we get to work filming the interviews, going through the photo albums, and collecting some film of your life today, and other work depending on the type of package you have chosen. You may find that much more information and ideas happen during this process and that is great. Welcome to the magic of filmmaking.


This is where it all comes together. With all the film footage collected in Production the editing team begins work on your story. We check in with you at the midway stage of editing for accuracy and if we need to make any changes we can do so at this point. Once we are happy, we lock the picture and prepare the finished film. You then have the completed work in digital form.

And Action

Wherever you are in the world we match you with a filmmaker to capture your life story. 

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