Capture your story in a       

    Beautiful Film 

Produced  Work

80 Years in 80 Minutes


Reflecting on a life from 1940 – 2020 we are taken on a beautiful journey of successes and challenges. A very insightful, heart-warming and intelligently recollected memoir for family to treasure, with a runtime of 80 minutes.

What the Fact?


A salesman for a technology company starts a Vlog to release information about conspiracies and the Coronavirus after 10 years of research and gains views into the millions, but at what cost?

The Magnificence of you


After separating from his wife, a successful businessman quickly finds himself in a fun-loving relationship with the woman of his dreams. But is it just another illusion? A biographical account that is immediately gripping, inspirational and filled with laughter.

Living My Illusion

Documentary Film

To anyone looking in through the kitchen window Joel has it all, but when he starts working with a life coach, he discovers everything he has built is an illusion and it’s time to confront the important but painful truth.

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